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The five advantages of PET colour

by:SYJ     2020-10-28

PET colour is very popular in the market of new plastic materials, there are a wide range of applications, involving areas such as daily life, industry, medicine and other industries, has the very high use value.

so PET materials have what qualities? Compared with other plastic materials, PET sheet have what advantage? PET colour itself has five advantages:

1, PET sheet transparency is very good, smooth and clean surface, the display performance is strong.

2, this material can be used as a print, do not fade, not only the color full and can suppress the pattern, more aesthetic feeling.

although quality light body thin 3, PET material, but the strength of the material itself is very high, by the impact extrusion deformation.

4, have a good barrier effect to oxygen and water vapor, can realize the antirust function, can also store food, to prevent deterioration.

5, non-toxic, tasteless, and can be in Y rays to disinfection of packaging items, so can be used in the medical industry. Practical discarded after burning will not produce poisonous gas pollution.

PET colour stable quality, excellent performance and has wide application, if you have any PET sheet demand, welcome to contact us.

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