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The function and characteristics of PU protective film

by:SYJ     2021-07-14

There are many types of pet protective films on the market. Depending on the glue of the protective film, they have different uses. Today, I will briefly introduce you to the role of the PU glue protective film. And features!

PU protective film is also known as a functional protective film with optical PET film roll as the base material, PU adhesive coated on one side, and release film on the back. At present, it is mainly used for high-temperature process protection of liquid crystal panels, and factory protection of ITO and glass panels.

A high-temperature protective film, using environmentally friendly PET as the base material, and coating PU glue with low adhesion, which can be laminated for a long time and will not produce glue residue after removal.

Product features: high light transmittance, strong weather resistance, low adhesion and easy to tear off, no glue residue, high temperature resistance

Product features: high cleanliness, strict control of foreign objects The adherend has excellent adhesion performance. After being laminated, there is no glue residue, and the product transparency is above 90.

Application range:

1Suitable for surface protection of optical products Uses

2Glass, PC, PMMA, HC/PET, etc., do not leave any glue on the surface

3 has good exhaust properties (self-adhesive)

high temperature resistance, humidity resistance Good performance

As soon as the PU protective film appeared, it quickly entered the market and won the approval of many people. It replaced many silica gel protective films that may have chemically reacted with the products to be attached.

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