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The performance of the new thin film materials

by:SYJ     2020-10-29

the latest filter medium

filters the first element is the filter medium of the skills, they are largely a resolution with the function of the filter. In fact, from the brief filter sieve to the messy tower pressure filter, is relying on various half penetration data, however, separation of fluid ( Gas or liquid) Aerosols in the equipment. Filter medium is the essence of the half penetration, it can pass more and more to complete.

filter medium to be able to use all kinds of porous or half penetration data, or be made into this layout. The function of the filter medium is a combination of the function of the production data and its layout. Medium variety includes:

mixer porous solids ( 'Deep bed' medium) Resolution, its shape by the shape of the container; Rough, perforated plate, pipe, or bubble, generally by tightening made into the required shape particles or fibers; Mixer is composed of natural or fiber yarn, monofilament fiber and silk fabrics; In pieces made of fiber or glass fiber paper; Mat and needled felt, composed of natural or fiber; Pieces of spinning melt non-woven ( Spun-bonded, melt-blown, flash method, electrostatic spinning method) ; Barbed wire or other metal medium, is made from metal or metal rods; Filter cartridge, the component itself is not a filter medium, but be made into filter medium. These components to a variety of materials production, such as metal, plastic and paper; Polymer film, contain cellulose and composed of; In pieces of various ceramic materials, including ceramic membrane.

once filter medium stores almost as long as five kinds of materials before, and barbed wire and filter cartridge, now the other three types of data ( Spinning spray non-woven fabrics, thin film and ceramic) The dosage of agile increased continuously, now of these three data's annual sales it occupies the whole of the filter medium store ( Filter medium in original equipment and spare parts) In the half. Polymer film is accounted for a third of the filter medium mall, spinning melt non-woven approached 15% of ceramics is approximately 7%.

the change of the market share of all skills separation of filtration precision demand is higher and higher, and the film just can satisfied the demand. Another driving skills of the store is the skills due to the rise of temperature, and ceramic can very good satisfied the demand.

the pressure of environmental regulations is also an important one in these skills market driving force, fresh water and wastewater purification as well as the high temperature exhaust gas filter also demand higher function, to satisfied ankang and environmental regulations.

of course, in addition to the three points into action (also have some other market driving force, but they are not only about the filter, such as the increase of population, the economic recession, the global warming endless wealth gap and the formation of the promotion standards of living pressure.

there is a factor worth mentioning, it is gradually emerging energy crisis, forcing the producers of filter press and filter medium producers to supply as much as possible and efficient system.

filter medium professional after a series of products development satisfaction and will continue to be satisfied with these drivers:

in pieces with a lot of the composition of the polymer as a particularly useful filter medium, is particularly suitable for higher operating temperature of polymer. Polymer film used to expand, particularly in microfiltration in use. The development of inorganic membrane materials, especially is ceramic membrane, also contain metal, glass fiber and carbon fiber film. Film dielectric gradually into a multilayer composite material layout: in all kinds of basal data on a layer of thin film material appearance. Pieces of the development of spinning melt fiber materials, fiber diameter reduced gradually. Mixer can accept appropriate high fluid temperature ceramic filter material, fiberglass, rather than the whole piece of information.

bag before a few years, maybe nanofibers appears as filter medium professional brings the most innovative. Although nanofibers everyone has always been mistaken for less than a micron in diameter of all fiber ( That is 1000 nm) , but many are made by 10 - today's media 100 nm fiber. Fiber diameter and the medium intercept must contact exists between the particles, which is said fiber is fine, the intercept of the particles will be fine.

the diameter of the fiber is very important, because the precision filter for more progress in developing countries the quality of drinking water, to completely to bacteria and microorganisms. Most of the scale of the microorganism at around 100 nm, and precision filter can be used for the disinfection of drinking water. Precision filter medium can at a relatively low capital purification of natural water and sea water, and then to produce drinking water. This function meaning about filtering occupation, is serious, because this can make back wastewater into another kind of fresh water.

gas filter also benefit from more sophisticated filter medium layout. Auto cabin air filter is becoming one of the first store of filter medium. Of the development of the media more and more important. Bag yesterday generally device two filter units, one is used to remove particles, a used to remove the flavor or color or smell, but now the two functions through a data together: in fiber embedded in the activated carbon particles or activated carbon fiber fabric after high temperature can be converted to the fabric. In addition to the activated carbon, can also be embedded into other data to complete different chemical changes, such as package into the disinfectant can be used to cut the pathogen.

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