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The pet three-layer anti-scratch protective film is beneficial to practical effects

by:SYJ     2021-07-15

Technical characteristics of pet three-layer scratch-resistant protective film:

1. The glue layer is a silicone glue layer.

2. The adhesive layer of the PET protective film is an acrylate adhesive layer.

3. The thickness of the PET three-layer scratch-resistant protective film is 0.08-0.15mm.

4. PET release film, PET base material and PET protective film base material are all polyester films with a transmittance above 95%.

5. The surface strength of the hardened surface of the PET substrate is 4H.

The beneficial practical effect of the pet three-layer scratch-resistant protective film is: cater to the PET protective film with scratch-resistant coating on the hardened surface of the PET substrate, and cater to the PET release film on the non-hardened surface. In addition, the transmittance of PET release film, PET substrate and PET protective film substrate are all above 95%, which promotes the products to have automatic suction and automatic exhaust functions, which can remove bubbles and have low viscosity , Easy to detach, can be stuck continuously, does not jeopardize the actual effect of the application, and has long-lasting and stable characteristics, with extremely high light transmittance and surface strength, easy to touch, and can maintain the display screen reasonably, not easy to be scratched or scratched Environmental pollution.

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