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The plasticity of PET sheet

by:SYJ     2020-10-26

PET sheet used in the packaging work is now more and more widely, as the package of PET sheet is a kind of very light material, so use this data for packaging will not increase the weight data, compared with other packing materials is to ease take due to packing, so in the packaging operations are very popular.

this plate also have excellent insulation, and relatively simple processing, need only after the equipment machining artificial monitoring can be very simple, no cumbersome process, more flexible, able to reduce factory produces a lot of responsibility. Electronic homework except packaging operations are also very like this kind of information, is not conductive and can fire prevention, the applicable scope is very broad.

PET sheet also has the very good plasticity, in addition to their common people generally lit style, also can carry on the design according to the requirements on the PET sheet metal processing, can also be carved to text, for example one manufacturer in packaging their products may be used when this kind of packing sheet, plate engraved on their company's name, so that can have the effect of the publicity company as well as beautiful.

PET sheet have many advantages over traditional many packaging materials, the outward appearance luster, beautiful and generous, and met some chemical reagent can keep a stable chemical features, but some packaging materials is can't do it, will response and chemical attack and then affect the beauty of the packaging, and is the items inside. So the PET sheet this kind of packing material should be promoted, can promote open in many industries.

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