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The properties of PET sheet extrusion products and scope of application

by:SYJ     2020-10-26

the properties of PET sheet extrusion material:

PET protective film material for transparent colorless, surface after hardening treatment, general PET protective film material according to difference of origin, in 3 h - hardening on the surface of the value Between 4 h, the better the surface hardening, its wear resistance. Light transmittance is also a primary properties of PET protective film materials, general light transmittance over 90%, high light transmittance not only make us in the use of related instrument has a good visual effect is good, and the eyes have a very good protection effect. On the market at present, Japan PET protective film material relatively strong, Taiwan, South Korea again.

product scope of application:

1, the applicable hardware products: computer chassis shell, galvanized sheet, plate punching, computer plate of the lacquer that bake, grinding sand on the surface of the PC name plate, printing and spray paint protection.

2, suitable LCD series: LCD liquid crystal display, back plate, EL electric refrigerating X-ray, conductive membrane switch, touch screen, colorful surface protection of computer monitors.

3, suitable plastic products: telephone, mobile phone plastic lenses, ABS, PP injection products, PVC sheet, acrylic board, instrument panel.

4, suitable silk screen printing: PVC, PC, aluminum, copper and other metals, the sign on the surface of the protection.

5, suitable decorative plate: stainless steel plate, aluminum alloy, aluminum curtain wall, titanium plate, plastic sheet steel, ceramics, polyester products such as surface protection.

6, suitable glass craftwork, glass painting, sandblasting, carving, acting fk1 - FK reticulate series protective film.

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