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The structure of the PET blister sheet is introduced

by:SYJ     2020-10-19

PET blister plate structure is highly symmetrical, with must be to crystallization orientation, thus has the high film forming and integrity. PET plastic has good optical function and weatherability, amorphous PET plastic has good optical transparency. Another PET plastic with excellent resistance to abrasion conflict and standard stability and electrical insulation. PET bottle made of high strength, good transparency, non-toxic, prevent penetration, light quality, produce high-grade power and therefore has been widely used. PBT and PET molecular chain structure, most of the nature is the same, only the main chain of the molecule consists of two methylene turned into four, so molecules more submissive, processing function more and more outstanding.

PET is height of milky white or light yellow crystalline polymer, surface smooth and shiny. Creep resistance, fatigue resistance, good resistance to conflict, wear small, high hardness, thermoplastic cuhk toughness; Good electrical insulation function, affected by temperature is small, but the corona resistance is poor. Non-toxic, good weather resistance, chemical resistance stability, high hygroscopicity, boring is necessary before molding. Resistance to dilute acid and organic solvents, but not hot water immersion, not alkali resistance.

PET blister sheet of high glass transition temperature, crystallization speed is slow, the molding cycle is long, the molding cycle is long, the molding shrinkage rate, standard poor stability, crystallization of forming a brittleness, low heat resistance level.

after crystallization nucleating agent and the agent and the improvement of glass fiber reinforced PET besides has the properties of PBT, still have the following characteristics:

1. Thermal deformation temperature and use for a long time is gm's thermoplastic engineering plastic and high temperature;

2。 Owing to the high heat resistance, enhance the PET in 250 ℃ soldering tin bath soak 10 s, hardly deformation does not change color, especially suitable for the preparation of soldering of electronic, electrical parts;

3。 Bending strength 200 mpa, the elastic modulus of 4000 mpa, the creep and fatigue resistance is also very good, high surface hardness, mechanical function and thermosetting plastic near;

4。 Due to produce PET produce ethylene glycol used than PBT butanediol used half price is cheap, so PET resin and enhance PET engineering plastics in the price is low, has the very high cost performance.

5。 PET resin adhesive: sili - 1706 one-component room temperature vulcanized rubber, after curing is elastomer has excellent waterproof, shockproof adhesives, high and low temperature resistance, because 泀 force of science and technology according to the molecular structure of the resin for discussion, so dedicated to engineering plastics.

6。 PET alloy: due to produce PET produce ethylene glycol used than PBT butanediol used half price is cheap, so PET resin and enhance the PET is low price of engineering plastics, has the very high cost performance. To improve the PET function, with PC, elastomer, PBT, PET, PS, ABS, PA alloy.

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