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The waste foamed plastics can also do a pencil

by:SYJ     2020-11-02

'at present, about 50% in the enterprises of raw materials are waste foamed plastics, how let the biodegradable product realization is the goal of our research and development of the next step. 'On August 9, zhejiang Peng Sheng Bai Li stationery co. , LTD. , deputy general manager, told reporters. Materials such as PE, SBS through core making machine, screw machine, extruder 3 device though extrusion molding one time, and then after hot stamping LOGO and sharpening, into a plastic imitation wood pencil. Such as is not seen, it looks like a traditional wooden pencil of finished product, it is hard to think of is made of plastic. Bai Li is introduced, the company in addition to the production of ordinary HB pencil, also produce all kinds of color of color pencil, all products are plastic. '^ what is important is that the great part of our raw material is recycled plastic foam, thus realize the recycling of resources. 'The quality of the product? Bai Li said the company currently pencil production by the European Union related detection, provides technical support for smoothly enter the European market. In addition, they also established and consistent product traceability system of euro-american business enterprise, once the product quality problems arise, can quickly trace source. 'The company's production capacity in 500 million or so, or to export the main products mainly. 'Bai Li said, at present,' Peng Sheng culture and education 'and Europe are numerous brands in one hundred to sign the contract, to be their OEM manufacturers, and cooperation with auchan, carrefour supermarket. At the same time, South America, Brazil, Argentina and other countries have relatively stable market and mature customer. The next step, the enterprise will work with 'Chinese pencil' and other famous enterprises, expand the domestic market, make enterprise realize 'walking on two legs'. Now, the company also actively to work on 'new three board', is expected to achieve listed next month, to make the company within three or four years of output value reached 100 million yuan.

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