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Three criteria of PET furniture quality

by:SYJ     2020-10-27

many PET sheet application, because of its stable properties and good ductility is also often used as a beverage bottle, food packaging and PET furniture. In this case, the quality of PET sheet is very important, only high quality PET sheet can produce high quality products. Then to introduce the three simple judgment PET sheet quality standard.

in the first place, we can smell, PET sheet production process is complex, odor and ordinary plastic is different, also if the smell after use lighter to burn can make aromatic flavor, but if the PET sheet inside with other substances, taste is more pungent.

second, burn PET sheet if black is oily soon drip is abnormal, the melting point of materials is not up to standard.

at the same time, after the PET sheet lighting can pull on a cigarette lighter, PET sheet can be dragged more long, broken wire rolls into smaller circle shape.

in addition to the above three points, because in the life the PET sheet in the worst condition was blended with PVC material, so this will also be special inspection. PVC material is blue, in the sun on the white crease plastic sheets will be visible to the naked eye. Baked in the environment or put the materials in 250 degrees, contain PVC material of PET sheet will be bake a yellow point.

PET sheet under different USES have different requirements, some will be mixed with some other ingredients to develop the performance of the PET sheet itself. But, in any case, the PET sheet quality is first.

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