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Three kinds of useful PET blister tablets

by:SYJ     2020-10-27

PET blister is new on the market of plastic materials, compared with the traditional plastic materials, the quality and properties of PET sheet. PET sheet more complex production process, it has created a more powerful ductility and plasticity, impact on the environment pollution is very small, even gas burning and no pollution.

in fact, PET blister piece already has a mature application in our daily life, then to introduce three kinds of common applications.

the first is express anti-collision air bag, PET sheet quality is very stable, is being squeezed from collision and gravity will not deformation. PET sheet excellent ductility, can be compressed into a thin plastic film, made the air between two pieces of plastic into gas anti-collision package.

PET sheet application in printing industry, PET sheet material can be cut, and good toughness, commonly used cutting tools can be for the division. PET sheet made of the print quality is stable, not easy aging deformation, the water will not blur the brush above, a lot of restaurant menu, or is the enterprise of the booth are used to this material.

PET blister piece is another common application of medical scientific research industry, PET sheet can be extended to a very thin layer, due to its stability characteristics of the plastic, after processing of nanometer micro molecular techniques, even thin a thin can also have the effect of isolation protection, acclaimed in the industry of medical scientific research.

with the continuous development of production technology and scientific research level, PET blister will also have more sophisticated use, also can have more practice in the field of household.

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