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Transparent PET sheet are widely used in industry

by:SYJ     2020-10-23

yangzhou plastic co. , LTD. , the production of transparent PET sheet, they are widely used in industrial fields such as PET sheet can be used for electrical insulation membrane. Motor insulation membrane is between slot of the motor and the turn-to-turn insulation, also can be used in dry type transformer coil insulation between partition. Not only PET sheet, transparent PET sheet film is widely used, can also be used in wire and cable insulation layer between the general motor insulation electronic products will form a complete set, cushion, electronics, motor, transformer, battery power pad or insulation pieces and will have the effect of insulation. In addition, the PET sheet can also be used in the production of ink fountain or film is a type of film and its temperature is higher, and also microstrip fireproof performance of some areas.

use PET transparent sheet products is characterized by its mechanical performance is good, at the same time, the PET sheet excellent machinability, insulation performance is good. Good heat resistance PET sheet will have the effect of extinction. The insulation of the motor with different grades, it allowed by the temperature of the motor and the surrounding temperature compared to the rising limit will also be different.

transparent PET sheet product specification is different, different thickness, the thickness of the PET sheet commonly: 0. 075mm/0. 1毫米/ 0。 125毫米/ 0。 15mm/0. 188mm/0. 25毫米/ 0。 3 mm, etc.

normal transparent PET sheet of around 1000 mm wide, can be cutting according to the requirements of different customers customized.

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