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Treatment countermeasures for glue migration of Pet protective film

by:SYJ     2021-07-13

①Improving the processing technology and improving the scientific research process are the guarantee of quality. The processing technology regulations for sizing production and manufacturing include the preparation of glue, upper clamping force, uniformity of dispensing, proportion of curing agent, uniformity of dispersion of curing agent in glue, equipment speed, temperature setting, dryness The actual effect of these.

②Improve the quality of glue, such as: applying high-quality pressure-sensitive adhesives to increase the level of chemical cross-linking with commodities; applying long-carbon chain acrylic resin single copolymers or grafting techniques; adding certain Ultraviolet absorbing agent, reduce ultraviolet embrittlement; improve the secret recipe and glue production process, improve the high temperature and cold resistance of pressure-sensitive adhesives.

③It is to increase the interfacial tension of aluminized PET protective film. PET itself is an optically active raw material, with a certain degree of support on both sides, but with the passage of time, the support will gradually attenuate the coefficient. Therefore, the corona treatment machine is selected to carry out online electroactive solution to improve the combination of PET sheet and glue. .

④The migration of the Pet protective film may also increase the chemical cross-linking level of the pressure-sensitive adhesive. The bonding force can be improved according to the secret recipe of improving the glue and increasing the proportion of coupling agent.

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