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Types and application of protective film - PET film

by:SYJ     2020-10-21
Maintaining membrane varieties, there are many, according to the raw materials have PE, PET, CPP, PVC, OPP, PE color many, the most commonly used is lit,, blue, white, in addition to black, grey, green, yellow, orange, gold, red, etc. PET color usually have lit, gray, gold. CPP for sanding, usually have fog effect of film, PVC common is bright, and full of bright blue electrostatic film, OPP is often lit with film, PE is to maintain the membrane in most varieties, divided into PE film, PE electrostatic membrane, checker PE film, PE stretch film, PE coated, viscosity from 5 g - 270 g, thickness from 1. 5 c - 15C。 The most commonly used is 5 c. PET film roll with silicone PET maintenance, acrylic plastic PET, frosted PET, PET, three layer single PET, double PET, PET mold membrane. PET membrane is usually used for various screen maintenance maintenance, PET mold maintenance of PET membrane is often used in die cutting plants of the membrane type. Type is the most commonly used 5 c and 7. 5 c, usually common from type membrane is 2. 5 c, 3。 8 c, 5 c, 7。 5C。

produced by different manufacturers as the maintenance of the quality and performance parameters of the membrane is able to take the place of use. So choose maintenance membrane, the top depends on the quality of all goods, crystal point to do less, maintain membrane tear after there can be no residual glue, maintain membrane labeled after stripping force, in the process of goods transfer, maintain membrane not cocking and fall off. Appearance of lubrication commodities can usually choose electrostatic membrane, low viscosity plain checkered perhaps film, PE looks more rough, selected the greater the viscosity maintenance membrane.

screen maintenance usually choose PET membrane maintenance, all kinds of plastic products and plate, glass appearance maintenance selection of PE film, can use glossy plastic surface electrostatic membrane, grind arenaceous film, low PE film.

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