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Various electronic product screen protective film materials and their functions

by:SYJ     2021-07-16

With the development of the packaging industry and the popularization of electronic products, protective films with various functions and materials have been produced. Let’s explain it online~

1. High-permeability scratch-resistant silicone protective film: The substrate is PET, and the structure is PET substrate protective film (use layer) + release film (underlying film) + protection Floor. The surface of the used layer is treated by SMART process, which has the characteristics of abrasion resistance and scratch resistance, and the light transmittance is as high as 90%.

2. Nano explosion-proof membrane: waterproof and oil-proof, anti-fingerprint. Prevent the fragments from sticking together when the glass breaks, and avoid glass splashing and hurting people’s eyes.

3. Frosted protective film: The three-layer structure is also used as a matte layer to prevent fingerprints, but the light transmittance is low It is about 85%-89%. It can effectively prevent light reflection and has a good finger touch.

4. Privacy film: Using ultra-fine shutter optical technology, users can read from the front at a 60-degree angle. If the angle exceeds 60 degrees, the content on the screen will be invisible, which can protect privacy from prying eyes.

The above are the types and functions of screen protectors for electronic products! If there is still something unclear, please leave a message!

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