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Waterproof PET coil explanation, finish see understand

by:SYJ     2020-10-30

waterproof PET coil is one of the types of waterproofing materials. Is in fully studied the existing waterproof, on the basis of seepage control type coil products, create a structure of a new, multifunction, have good comprehensive technical performance of waterproof and impervious material, is now with more of a kind of waterproofing materials. What about waterproof PET coil and the advantages of using range, do you know?

waterproof PET coil features:

1, without binder, read isolation layer, can be bonded firmly at the grassroots level, convenient construction and the construction speed.

2, has a rubber elastic, elongation is better, can make good use of deformation and cracking at the grass-roots level.

3, have good cohesive force of grass-roots, can make good use of deformation and cracking at the grass-roots level.

4, self-healing, namely waterproof PET coil embedded in a puncture or hard objects, automatically and these animals to heal, so can still keep a good waterproof performance.

5, construction safety, polluting the environment, the construction is easy to clean, easy to do the site civilization construction.

6, in addition to the main body material, the surface material of polyethylene film also has a good waterproof and high intensity ( Polyethylene polypropylene fiber composite waterproof coiled material only by membrane waterproof) Waterproof, so has the double insurance.

7, corrosion resistance, the coil has very good acid and alkali resistance, resistance to chemical corrosion, has a good resistance to aging performance in various environment.

construction procedures

acceptance and cleaning the grassroots ( Leveling layer) To make adhesive ( Along with the configuration) To deal with complex parts ( Yin and Yang Angle, eaves, water mouth, pipe hole, etc. ) The additional layer - construction waterproof layer and waterproof layer inspection - protection layer after the acceptance of construction.

1, the shop is stuck the base layer of waterproof PET coil ( Leveling layer) Sprinkling water must be clean and ensure wet at the local level.

2, with cement containing 5% ~ 15% of the polyvinyl alcohol glue solution preparation of cement paste adhesive, mixing must be uniform, without precipitation, without clots. No segregation phenomenon can be used.

3, roofing waterproof layer before construction, focus should be on drainage and complex nodes seal details and additional layer of paste.

4, polyether type of polyurethane sealing materials adopted. If choose other sealing materials should not contain mineral oil, vaseline and other property of polyethylene chemicals products.

5, the corner will be put should add additional layer; The place such as Angle of Yin and Yang are R = 20 mm circular arc form.

6, waterproof PET coil the shop is stuck spread method should be adopted, adhesive coating should be uniform on the surface of the grassroots, never show, not accumulation; Adhesive coating should be immediately after the shop is stuck coil. To prevent a long time affect the bonding quality.

7, the shop is stuck waterproof PET coil shall not wrinkle folding, shall not be forcibly stretch coil. Edge shop welt exclude coil below air and excess adhesive, ensure coil and the base surface and adhesion between the layers of coil tightly.

8, the shop is stuck, waterproof PET lap width coil shall not be less than 100 mm.

9, two layer and adjacent two coil seam should be staggered a third width.

the use of the waterproof PET coil

this kind of waterproofing materials, applicable to industrial and civil architecture roofing waterproof, moistureproof gas insulation, waterproof, ground of indoor wall ground waterproof, moistureproof, toilet water pools, channels and Bridges waterproof, seepage control, ( Metallurgy chemical pollution prevention, require the finished product protection) according to the ph Such as waterproof engineering.

upper and lower surface roughness, non-woven fibers were random cross structure, form the three-dimensional mesh. Can be in the environmental temperature Within the scope of 40 ℃ ~ 60 ℃ stable long-term use.

is suitable for bonding a variety of materials, especially in the process of solidification with cement material direct bonding, as long as no MingShui can construction, its comprehensive performance is good, high tensile strength. Pervasion ability, good low temperature flexibility, small expansion coefficient, easy adhesion, low friction coefficient, can be directly used in sandy soil, stable and reliable performance. Is a kind of non-toxic, non-polluting green environmental protection product.

it is suitable for industrial and civil construction of the roof, ground water waterproof, moistureproof gas insulation, interior wall ground waterproof, moistureproof, toilet water pools, channels and Bridges waterproof, seepage control, metallurgy chemical pollution prevention and waterproof.

in waterproof PET coil is waterproof coiled material technology is one of the more complex, waterproof PET coil is a very good waterproof coiled material, the waterproofing materials is more precious, so it is not hard to stretch.

when install the waterproofing materials, must first determine the good size, and the adhesive must be evenly daub, or it will appear the phenomenon of uneven

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