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What are the advantages of acrylic glue

by:SYJ     2021-07-15

Acrylic glue is easy to use, fast in positioning, and high in bonding strength. After curing, it can dissolve the two surfaces into one body; the odor is low, and the cured product is non-toxic, without glue marks, bubbles, and increase White, completely transparent after bonding; after bonding, the workpiece is waterproof, heat-resistant, cold-resistant, oil-resistant and corrosion-resistant. It is currently the type of glue used to bond acrylic. It has passed SGS environmental protection certification and meets ROSH EU standards. It is mainly used for self-adhesive and mutual bonding of acrylic materials, and can also be used for bonding AS.pc.ABS.PS and other materials. It is widely used in plastic shells of crafts, toys, instruments, electronic and electrical products, display cabinets, shelves, fish tanks, advertising production, bonding and maintenance of daily necessities.

A large part of the current acrylic glue is also used to make acrylic protective film. The protective film made of acrylic glue has high light transmittance, low price, and good high temperature resistance. Features. In addition, the viscosity of the pet protective film of the acrylic adhesive process can be very high, and some of them can be used as a safety explosion-proof film.

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