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What are the advantages of Pet acrylic adhesive protective film

by:SYJ     2021-07-17

Acrylic protective film is a protective film material made by coating a layer of acrylic glue on one side of a pet substrate and then laminating a layer of release film. The price is relatively low, and it is mostly used for supporting the bottom to discharge waste. use.

Acrylic adhesive protective film has a wide range of uses, with high or low viscosity, and can be used on many products.

So what are the advantages of acrylic protective film?

1. Acrylic protective film manufacturers should be inert to the surface of the material to be protected, do not react with the surface, or corrode or pollute the surface.

2. Acrylic protective film has good adhesion to the material to be protected. In the process of material handling and processing, the protective film will not warp or fall off. Now many protective films are mostly self-adhesive or With electrostatic adsorption, it can be attached to the surface of the article well.

3. Acrylic protective film has good weather resistance and adhesive strength stability. After a few days or long pasting, the peel strength does not increase significantly, and it is easy to remove. When removed, there is no residual glue on the protected surface Keep.

4. Acrylic protective film has good processing adaptability and meets the needs of deep processing of the protected object.

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