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What are the advantages of silicone PET protective film?

by:SYJ     2021-07-15

1. The light transmittance is relatively high, and it is generally used to maintain the surface of the display.

2. The silicone pet protective film generally has the actual effect of self-digestion and absorption, and is suitable for some smooth and clean surface maintenance, such as mirror glass laminated glass, displays, plastic casings, etc.

3. In addition, the silicone pet protective film also has the advantage of a quick exhaust pipe, so many people prefer to apply this kind of silicone protective film when sticking to the display screen, because it is not like an acrylic sheet The protective film will have a lot of bubbles when it is pasted, which is harmful to the beautiful and generous.

4. Silicone gel is relatively stable, and it is not easy to have residual suspected glue under all normal standards. In addition, it also has a certain practical effect of high temperature resistance and easy use, and can be used for long-term applications in high temperature sites.

5. The actual effect of its corrosion resistance is also relatively good, and it can be used in some places where corrosion resistance must be used.

6. The super glue of the silicone pet protective film does not cause powdering like the acrylic protective film, so its own clean room level is also very high.

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