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What are the glues used for general protective films

by:SYJ     2021-07-18

The glue applied on the protective film is generally divided into acrylic oil glue, water glue, silica gel, PU glue and so on.

As for which glue is better to choose? This depends on the specific use of our protective film. If you use the protective film to paste the screen, mirror glass, stainless steel plate and other very smooth surfaces, and the appearance of the product, you can use the silicone protective film, because the silicone The protective film has the effect of automatic exhaust, and it is not easy to leave bubbles on the surface of the product and does not affect the aesthetics of the product. If you use the protective film only for the bottom of the process, you can generally choose to use a lower-priced acrylic protective film, but it is possible to use this slow-venting protective film to prevent scratches on the screen during the production process. The surface of some glass plates contains the chemical substance of silicon dioxide. If a layer of silica gel protective film is attached to the surface, it will chemically react with it, resulting in silicon transfer, which is what we call residual glue, so it is on the market The PU glue protective film appeared. The PU glue protective film mainly solves the white fog and local residual glue phenomenon of the silicone protective film, and is more suitable for the surface of the glass screen than the silicone protective film.

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