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What are the main reasons for the common quality problems of PVC film?

by:SYJ     2021-07-14

Wrinkles, the spacing of narrow and long workpieces is too small; the chamfers around the upper surface of the backing plate are not chamfered; the horizontal and vertical spacing of the workpieces is not on a parallel line, which improves the frictional resistance of gas fluidity; The set temperature is too high; the time to achieve the set pressure is too long.

Pull the white, the set temperature is too high; the time to achieve the set pressure is too long; the line shape is not suitable.

The edges are not firmly adhered: the quality of the glue is not very good; the activation temperature of the glue is too high; the temperature of the machinery and equipment cannot reach the activation temperature specified by the edge of the workpiece; the backing plate of the workpiece is not suitable;

The performance of PVC adhesive is not very good or there is no adhesive; the adhesive is out of date or storage does not meet the requirements and regulations; the glue is leaked or the way of spraying is poor.

When quality problems occur, the process or main parameters should be adjusted one by one according to the reasons and records should be made. Do not adjust the main parameters or processes of multiple processes at the same time, otherwise the real cause of the quality problem cannot be identified, and at the same time Formulate and adjust the process standards of the working environment to provide an objective basis.

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