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What exactly is pet protective film

by:SYJ     2021-07-13

People who are not in this industry often ask the editor-in-chief. That's exactly what the pet protective film you made is. So, let me summarize and reply to everyone.

Pet protective film is generally a protective film coated with glue on one side of a Pet material substrate. The protective film has very good stability, smooth surface, high transparency, good temperature and weather resistance, and easy moldability. Cut, environmentally friendly materials, etc.

pet protective film-pu protective film-silicone protective film-

Where is the pet protective film generally used?

Let’s take a look at the editor below!

Application fields of PET protective film:

PET protective film can be used to protect the surface of acrylic, PC, and PET sheets, steel plates, aluminum sheets, gold-plated sheets, and electroplating surface protection; with conductivity Copper, aluminum foil, and cushion foam molds are base film mirror-surface ABS, PC, ABS+PC injection molded products. The surface LCD precision glass, mobile phone lens, touch screen, display processing protection, rotation transportation protection, factory transportation protection, etc.

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