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What is pet protective film

by:SYJ     2021-07-17

Years ago, the editor participated in a lot of group activities. Every time when someone asked us what our company was doing when we introduced ourselves, I usually said that we made pet protective films. But a lot of people don’t understand, and I’ve talked more about it, so I asked a few more questions, what exactly is a pet protective film?

The editor will give you a unified answer to what a pet protective film is:

The PET protective film is based on a pet substrate and is coated on one side. Cloth watering adhesive, a protective film composed of release film as the substrate, of course some are single-layer, so there is no release film, the kind is called single-layer pet protective film, then the one with release film The protective film is a double-layer pet protective film.

Advantages: The pet protective film has the ability to tear off without residual glue, high transparency, not easy to produce dust, high cleanliness, and has excellent adhesion to the substrate.

Color: PET protective film has many colors, such as transparent, blue, red, green, gold, etc.

Scope of application: generally suitable for the protection of stainless steel panels, aluminum panels, notebook computers, casings and monitors, mobile phone screens, painted surfaces, plastic surfaces, etc.

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