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What is silicone protective film

by:SYJ     2021-07-20

The application of silicone material protective film is very common, such as medical treatment, packaging and printing, laminated glass manufacturing, production and processing, household appliances, small and medium-sized electronic device displays, and automobile transportation industries, and are mainly used in safety protection electronic equipment screen inner and outer screens and aesthetics Adhesion, etc. The common mobile phone tempered film is one of these.

1. What is silica gel protective film?

The silica gel protective film is mostly made of transparent resin as the base material, single and double-sided coated with self-adsorbing organic chemical silica gel water, and laminated with a release film. Become.

2. Advantages of silica gel protective film

Silica gel protective film generally has the following advantages:

The surface layer is smooth and clean, has the function of fully automatic adsorption and exhaust bubbles, and adsorption performance after pasting Basically there is no change;

Easy to stick and peel off, high temperature without glue marks, stable adhesion;

Manufactured in a clean workshop, dust-free coating, high cleanliness, and high-quality appearance performance.

In terms of material, silicone protective film can be divided into different types, such as PE, PET, PVC, TPU, PET/laminated glass composite type, PE/PU, PO, etc. In addition to the protective film of silicone products produced by silicone manufacturers, it also plays a diversified role in the high-precision coating and extrusion molding process of silicone materials.

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