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What is the advantage of heat shrinkable polyester film packaging?

by:SYJ     2020-10-26

the advantage of heat shrinkable polyester film packaging is:

stick put oneself in a transparent, merchandise image. The tight packing, good dispersion. Waterproof, moistureproof, mouldproof. No resilience, has the anti-counterfeiting function. Heat shrinkable polyester film is often used in instant food, beverage market, electronic appliances, metal products, especially the shrinkage is the main application fields of tags. Because with the rapid development of PET bottles, such as coke, Sprite, all kinds of fruit juice beverage bottle needs to be a set with PET heat shrinkable film do the heat sealing label, they both belong to polyester class, is environmentally friendly material, easy recycling use. - - Vacuum aluminum plating film

heat shrinkable polyester film except for shrinkage label, in recent years are used for household goods on the packaging. Because it can protect the packaging items to avoid shock, waterproof, moisture, rust, and can make the products with beautifully printed packaging to win users, at the same time it can show the good image of the manufacturer. - - PET from type membrane

at present, more and more packing factory printing shrink film is used to replace the traditional transparent film. Because printing shrink film can improve the grade of the appearance of the product, is advantageous to the product advertising, can make the brand a profound impression in consumers mind. - - PET matte

the exception, also can be used for: packing polyester film, hot stamping with polyester film, holographic with polyester film, laser holographic anti-counterfeiting trademark special polyester film, polyester film for capacitor use, black polyester film, polyester matt membrane, PET polyester twisted conjunctiva.

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