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What is the classification of silicone protective film? What are the characteristics

by:SYJ     2021-07-13

Silica gel protective film is a kind of PET protective film that is formed according to high temperature by attaching a layer of organic silica gel to the original PET film roll. Silicone protective film is divided into single-layer silica gel protective film, two-layer silica gel protective film, and three-layer silica gel protective film.

Silicone protective film has the following classifications:

1. Classified by the number of layers: single-layer silicon protective film, two-layer silicon protective film, three-layer silicon protective film;

2, according to viscosity ( Surface peel rate) classification: low-viscosity silicone protective film (0-5G), medium-viscosity silicone protective film (5-15g), high-viscosity silicone protective film (above 30g).

Characteristics of silicone protective film:

1, high transparency, high exhaust;

2, good adhesion, no glue marks (not easy to open), no ghosting;

3. Over the double-eighth-five test, high and low temperature resistance test, corrosion resistance, etc.

According to market demand, PET silica gel protective film can be coated with various types of silica gel protective film with peeling rate according to product characteristics; such as 0-3g silica gel for disposable consumables Protective film, 5-8g display screen protective film; multi-functional 10-15g silica gel protective film; special request 30g silica gel protective film, etc. pet silica gel protective film recommends that everyone buy a silica gel protective film that matches the product needs and characteristics when purchasing.

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