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What is the difference between Pet protective film and stretch film

by:SYJ     2021-07-15

First of all, the base material of the pet protective film is pet material, the chemical name is polyethylene terephthalate, the material is hard, the light transmittance is relatively high, there is no stretch, it can be shaken in the hand It makes a crisp sound, and the material of the stretch film is pe, the chemical name is polyethylene, the material is particularly soft, and the stretchability is extremely strong, and it is mainly used for packaging.

Protective film and stretch film, although both seem to belong to film, they are still different in essence. Because the stretched film is based on the PE film material and added with adhesive additives, such as PIB masterbatch. Then, it is obtained by casting or blow molding. Therefore, its surface has a certain viscosity, which is mainly used to wrap and wrap objects to play a fixed role. The protective film plays a protective role. The structure is generally a material made of a pet substrate coated with a layer of glue and then laminated with a release film or original film. There are also single sheets that are not laminated to the base film. Layer pet protective film. Mainly used in some screens, mirror glass, etc.

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