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What is the difference between silicone protective film and PET acrylic protective film

by:SYJ     2021-07-14

Protective film has become a very critical industrial chain in the modern era, especially in smart phone protective film, where PET protective film is used for mobile phone screens and casings. PET protective film is divided into PET silicone protective film and PET acrylic protective film. Professionals can clearly distinguish between silicone protective film and acrylic protective film, but for some people who have not been in the field of this protective film for a long time, it is difficult to distinguish. Some customers don't even know whether they need acrylic or silicone protective film.

First, let us first understand the performance difference between acrylic protective film and silicone protective film? At this stage, most of the PET protective films used by everyone use silica gel, and the PET protective film with silica gel has been more commonly used. For example, nowadays, the PET protective film commonly used for mobile phone screens is made of silica gel, which can withstand higher temperatures. Acrylic protective film is mainly used for packaging high-gloss goods and membrane switches. It is a cost-effective and easy-to-use plastic film.

When we get PET protective film products, how do we distinguish between acrylic protective film and silicone protective film?

1) The easiest and most convenient way is to scratch the adhesive surface of the protective film with your fingernail. Silicone protective film will not produce glue and powdery film, while acrylic protective film will produce white powder and glue. Because of this effect, silica gel protective film is also called powder-free glue;

2) Distinguishing odor: silica gel protective film is colorless and odorless, while acrylic is the other way around.

3) After being ignited, the silica gel protective film turns gray and the acrylic protective film is liquid.

In addition, PET silicone protective film and PET acrylic protective film have the following differences:

1) Acrylic glue has high viscosity, super glue will remain after the adhesive is peeled off, and the viscosity of silica gel is low.

2) Put the protective film on the surface of the object to be adhered, and then use your fingers to slowly stick it on quickly. There are basically no or less bubbles of the silicone protective film. Acrylic glue is slow to adhere.

3) In terms of transparency, acrylic is better than silica gel.

4) Silica gel has excellent heat resistance, easy to control the flatness of the rubber surface, and has excellent low temperature performance. Acrylic glue is easy to manufacture and process, has good transparency, low price, good weather resistance and high viscosity.

Acrylic protective film has a universal main purpose, and its viscosity is also high or low, it can be used for many products at a lower price.

Silicone protective film has the function of exhaust pipe, so it is mainly suitable for laminated glass surface or high-gloss surface products. This type of protective film has excellent performance at high and low temperatures, but the price is slightly higher.

Scratching the acrylic glue hard will cause the powder to fall. If the customer's standard is high, there will be glue marks. Conversely, silica gel is not easy to produce bubbles, but it is very easy to produce ghost images.

Therefore, when selecting an acrylic protective film manufacturer, you should consider whether the surface protective film has the following characteristics and its compatibility with the protected object.

1. The acrylic protective film manufacturer should be plastic to the surface of the material to be protected, and it does not have to react with the surface, and it will not etch or pollute the surface.

2. Acrylic protective film has excellent adhesion to the material to be protected. In the material solution and production process, the protective film is not easy to warp or fall. Nowadays, many protective films are self-adhesive or have electrostatic adsorption effect, which can adhere well to the surface of objects.

3. Acrylic protective film has excellent weather resistance and viscosity stability. After a few days or long-term use, the peel strength is not easy to increase significantly, and it is very easy to peel off. When tearing off the protected surface, it is not easy to leave any super glue.

4. Acrylic protective film has excellent production and processing adaptability, and can consider the needs of the production and processing of the protected object.

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