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What is the process protective film

by:SYJ     2021-07-21

What is a protective film? To put it plainly, the protective film is a film with practical meaning for maintenance and a layer of plastic or paper film attached to the surface of the block. The process protective film is used in the whole process of product manufacturing and transportation to prevent knocks or scratches, and then prevent dust, dirt, oil stains, etc. from contaminating the product. Why should the film that should be torn off immediately after installation or application? The reason is that after installation or application, the protective film will become brittle if the time is too long, which will cause the protective film to not be torn off and endanger the appearance of the product. (Mobile phones and computers, the anti-slip protective film on the surface of the LCD does not have to be lost, it is maintained during the whole process of application that the display screen is scratched and soiled).

The protective film is generally divided into: PET, PE, PVC, OPP, TPU, etc. according to the material.

According to the viscosity, it is divided into three types: low viscosity, medium viscosity, and high viscosity.

3. According to the main purposes, it is mainly: plastic steel profiles, plastic panels, aluminum ceilings, aluminum aluminum alloy profiles, stainless steel panels, fire-resistant panels, polymer panels, anti-burglar doors, glassware, instrument panels, lights Shells, plastic parts, electrical products, displays, displays, laminated glass displays, computer screens, electronic displays, car navigation, etc., in various fields to maintain the surface of the product are generally effective to the protective film~

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