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What peT sheet on the raw material choice exquisite

by:SYJ     2020-10-23

what are the PET sheet on the raw material choice exquisite

we all know that the PET sheet is a kind of engineering plastics plank, it can be used in the industries. In order to better ensure its application performance, we in the production of PE sheet need to pay special attention to the choice of raw materials. Then on the choice of raw materials which pay attention to?

in the general market production engineering plastic raw materials mainly include polyethylene, polypropylene, polyamide, ptfe, pom, ABS plastic, polycarbonate, etc, but most would choose polyethylene. Comparatively good is ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene and polyethylene, this kind of material has 10 - molecular chain length is high density polyethylene 20 times longer molecular chain ( Higher molecular weight) Given its higher toughness, wear resistance and resistance to stress cracking, because it is a kind of polyethylene.

it's so popular part of the reason is because of their PET sheet chemical performance is good, the chemical properties of PET sheet has decided the sales of PET sheet. So what kind of PET sheet with chemical characteristics? Look at the chemical characteristics of PET sheet together! For PET sheet melting point is about 130 ℃ density. 941' ” 0. 960 it is excellent heat resistance and resistance to hunger good chemical stability and deposit is just sex and toughness of high strength machine good dielectric function condition of stress cracking resistance is also good condensation measure 2200260 c information about members of a larger proposal condensation between measurement category is 2000250 c.

very good electrical function especially high insulation dielectric strength to make it very useful in walkie-talkie wires to the members of the high amount of title deposit is excellent resistance to the charge sex is normal temperature that is a 40 f under high temperature.

PET sheet metal deposit is of high quality large minority career and the characteristics of light with chemical resistant objects in the set, not hygroscopic coexist are good waterproof steam natural use can be used to pack the HDPE.

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