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Why can't silicone products stick with ordinary glue

by:SYJ     2021-07-16

Recently, many customers have asked why products made of silicone can’t stick with ordinary glue?

There are many reasons why silicone does not stick. Didn't choose the right first glue! The second glue is incorrectly applied. So which glue sticks to silica gel firmly? Below is a pet silicone protective film for everyone to interpret

Silicone adhesive must be made of special silicone glue.

The reason is that the surface of silica gel is not sensitive, because the stable chemical properties of silica gel make it resistant to most glues in the bonding process. Therefore, the bonding problem of silicone has always puzzled the manufacturers of silicone products. So what kind of glue is good for sticking silica gel and how to stick it?

Which glue should be selected to have excellent bonding effect on silica gel?

Since the silica gel material is a relatively difficult material, it needs to be applied together with the silica gel surface treatment agent. First use the silica gel treatment agent to solve the silica gel surface, and then use the CRCBOND silica gel special Type glue bonding, the actual effect is very, very good. The destructive force of the bonding surface-the actual effect of tearing can be achieved.

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