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Why do ordinary protective films have to bring a layer of release film

by:SYJ     2021-07-19

First of all, let me introduce the release film: Release film refers to the film that can be distinguished on the surface of the film. The release film will not be sticky or slightly sticky after contact with a specific material under limited conditions.

Release film is generally used in the processing of a variety of products, such as electronic power, IT display screens. Mobile phone, LCD/PDA, medical treatment, home appliance manufacturing, anti-counterfeiting materials, semiconductors, automobiles, nameplates, ceramic sheet manufacturing, tape production and die cutting industries.

As a customer service, I can often get in touch with people who are not very familiar with the industry. Some people have always had a misunderstanding about the protective film. Next, if you don't stick that layer of release film, can you save money? This problem was also thought of when the editor first entered the industry. Later, I learned the truth after learning about some situations. This addition of a release film is not just as simple as removing the protective layer on the surface, in fact, it is more useful for Die-cutting and punching processing, because if the protective film is processed without a release film, all the protective film will stick to the machine, then the protective film produced in this way is of no value.

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